FEATURED ARTICLE: 5 Medical Properties of Bee Propolis

Propolis is a mixture of sap and plant material that bees collect and use to seal cracks in the hive. It is used by bees as a kind of drywall mud, but it also inhibits bacterial growth. In fact, it has several medical properties. Here are 5 medical properties of bee propolis:

1. Antibiotic – Researchers in Brazil found that propolis has the ability to kill different strains of the infectious bacteria Salmonella. Antifungal properties have also been reported for propolis.

2. Anti-tumor – Researchers in Japan found that propolis significantly reduces the growth of lung tumors.

3. Anti-plaque – Due to its antibacterial properties, propolis may also protect against dental plaque and cavities. It may be used as an ingredient in natural toothpastes as well as oral gels.

4. Anti-inflammatory – Scientific studies suggest that propolis affects the immune system and acts as a powerful natural anti-inflammatory agent when applied to the skin.

5. Emollient – Several studies show that propolis may be effective in treating skin burns and other skin conditions.

Propolis has been used as in ingredient in toothpastes, throat sprays, burn creams, face creams, and other skincare products.

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